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Welcome to HEAL Cities. Whether you are an elected or appointed city official, a public health professional or an advocate, we can help you to transform your city into the kind of place you’ve always wished it could be. Our tools can help you to build a community that offers safe places to play, walk, and bike, and where nutritious foods are affordable and available to all.

Here at HEAL Cities you will find expertise, coaching, model policies, and other tools to support your work in building a community environment where children and adults are able to make the best choices for their health. We invite you to join us by using the wealth of resources we provide here to make lasting changes in your city.

Obesity and Chronic Disease

HEAL Cities is dedicated to reversing the epidemics of obesity and chronic disease and eliminating their threat to the health and wealth of our nation. We do this by working to create communities and workplaces where healthy choices are readily available and easy to make.

Tool Chest

The HEAL Cities tool chest offers a storehouse of materials you can use to develop or augment your own HEAL Cities Campaign. It includes the following: